Short Courses (coming soon)


Great Training Opportunities!

Educational Short Courses will be offered the Sunday preceding the conference. The practical short courses will be taught by leading academic and industrial scientists covering both fundamentals as well as real-world application examples. The presentations will provide the valuable technical knowledge you need to implement techniques and solutions to improve job productivity, to solve today's separation problems as well as to understand tomorrow's technology. Short course notes will be emailed to each course participant who should download and bring a copy of the short course notes with them to the short course. There will be no printed copies available. HPLC 2018 reserves the right, without notice, to modify the short course material or schedules, as well as to amend the roster of short course presenters. Short course registration is either within a bundled registration fee package or may be purchased separately by conference participants with a paid/purchased conference meeting registration. Space is limited, and details regarding fees are posted at